July 1st Storms

Here are some pictures from the recent storm that hit Wheaton.  All told we lost 5 trees and heavy damage to two others.  The fence in our backyard is down but doesn’t look too bad.  The tree that landed on the roof caused some minor damage to the shingles and gutter but it hasn’t rained so no leaking at this point.

I am extremely thankful that it wasn’t worse.  I was watching out the front window when the micro burst hit.  I really thought I was looking at a tornado about to hit my house so after a few seconds of panic I realized it was going to be okay.  Trees can be replanted, fences and roofs repaired.  The family is okay and that’s all that really matters.

It’s moments like this that you really appreciate having great neighbors and friends.  Within a short period there were a handful of us out with our chainsaws cutting down our own limbs as well as helping each other with the larger trees.  Everyone pitched in and made a bad job that much better.  A big thanks to all my neighbors and friends who offered to help cut, haul, cook for us, etc.  Everyone’s lives are extremely busy but I still had 6 guys taking time yesterday (4th of July) to help me finish the job.


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