Ready To Withstand Any Invasion

Snow FortI don’t know about you but I love winter.  The more snow the better (having all-wheel drive makes it easier to feel this way).

There is something so innocent about kids making snow angels or playing in the snow and I love the stillness in the neighborhood on a snowy night like we had last night.  If it’s going to be winter we might as well have snow on the ground and frozen ponds.  Unfortunately we’ve had almost no snow these past 2 years and only 1 week of ice thick enough to skate.

We finally got some snow yesterday so my kids asked me to build a small snow fort.  Never one to do things on a small scale I started building this structure.  It took about 4 hours and I didn’t finish until after 11:00pm but our front yard is now ready to withstand any invasion.  Tough to tell the scale but it’s over 4′ high and about 10′ across.  My kids couldn’t wait to go out and play this morning before school.  They want me to build a roof but I don’t think that will happen since we’re supposed to have a warm up this weekend.  Oh well, at least they’ll get a few days of fun before it all goes away.


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