About Me

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself.  I have worked in the financial industry since I graduated from college in 1991.  Initially I was an underwriter and marketing representative in the insurance industry but transitioned into the mortgage industry in 2004.  I have worked on the wholesales side as an account executive as well as the retail side as a loan officer.

The mortgage industry has seen incredible changes and challenges in recent years.  Some of the changes have been for the better – much more restrictive licensing requirements, elimination of “liar loans”, etc. but some of the changes have gone too far – elimination of common sense underwriting and increased loan buybacks to name a few.

I am passionate about providing excellent service to my clients and referral sources.  I know that a home purchase is the biggest expenditure most of us will make in our lifetime and treat it each loan like it is my own.

I am truly thankful to be working for a great company with a great leader, David Pendley.  David’s philosophy revolves around the “3 P’s”: Price, Personal Service and Professionalism.  The key to our success and longevity is INTEGRITY.

Some of the things that set me apart from other lenders are:

  • Ability to lend our own money
  • In-home applications
  • In-home closings on non-purchase transactions
  • Early morning or late evening appointments
  • Access to major national banks and local credit unions
  • Available and an experienced loan support staff

My goals is not to just close a loan, but to create a positive experience and install confidence so you want to refer me to your friends and family.



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