Who We Are

Avenue Mortgage Corporation is a small mortgage banker located in Naperville, Illinois, specializing in high quality residential loans. We have been in business for 24 years and truly believe that we are the best at what we do. Currently we have approximately 30 employees and lend about $250 million per year.

Our History

In 1989, I was working for a lending insitution that was struggling in a variety of areas. During a lunch meeting with my father in Oak Park, Illinois, I expressed my frustration with my current work situation. He asked me, “Why don’t you start your own firm?” When I told him I didn’t have the start up capital to get licensed he offered to lend me everything he had to start a small mortgage brokerage firm. I was humbled by his offer. My father was a school teacher and I knew this would require him to lend me his entire life savings. That day we drew up an agreeement and Avenue Mortgage Corporation was born. By God’s grace I was able to pay him back within one year with interest.

Avenue Mortgage operated in Oak Brook, Illinois, with my wife as office manager and processor and me as senior loan officer (actually the only loan officer).

How We Roll (the 3 P’s of Avenue Mortgage)

Price: We are a “best price lender”. We always want to be a price leader with the most competitive rates in our industry to attract the highest quality loans.

Professional: We are an extension of those who refer us business and strive to provide unmatched service resulting in 100% customer satisfaction.

Personal Service: At Avenue Mortgage you will find an advocate dedicated to developing an ongoing relationship with you. Our commitment to our clients carries on well past the day their loan closes.


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